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The BroadBeam range of products for your application !

PCT Ebeam and Integration is the manufacturer of BroadBeam® electron beam processors. PCT also provides engineering and manufacturing services with expertise in control system integration, drive system applications and custom machine fabrication.

BroadBeam® line represents the state of the art of innovative and reliable industrial electron beam systems available today. They are low energy ebeam’s, ranging from 80-300kV machines, used on printing presses, coating, crosslinking and laminating lines.

ebeam Core                80-150 kV      Medium penetrating capability
(LE Series)

ebeam Unlimited      150-300 kV      High penetrating capability
(EP Series)

ebeam Compact         80-200 kV      Medium to high penetrating capability
(CE Series)

The ebeam Compact allows for greater digitalization in food packaging production by completely eliminating the need for photoinitiators. With instantaneous curing, production performance is significantly increased enabling immediate die cutting, stacking and shipping with higher conversion and more consistent output than with UV. Using ebeam curing, it’s possible to produce higher gloss finishes and a tougher surface for superior scratch, tear, puncture and fading resistance.

ebeam Compact 80 - 400

BroadBeam® range of products
BroadBeam EP series
BroadBeam LE series
BroadBeam CE series
BroadBeam LE Series 4-In-1 Decorating System
Side view of EP series
Side view of LE series
Proprietary BroadBeam® EB window
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