RadCheck UV / EB Dosimeter

UV & EB Dosimeter Radcheck Strips


By producing a linear, numerical benchmark of UV and EB system performance, the RADCHECK™ UV EB DOSIMETER provides repeatable evaluation results over extended periods of use. Incorporating a UV/EB-detection dosimeter and disposable UV and EB sensitive flexible test strips, the Rad Check system does not require outside calibration to ensure consistency.

Designed for UV web offset, UV sheet fed,UV flexo, 3-D curing and uv rotery screen and other systems incorporating inaccessible UV and high energy EB curing systems, the Rad Check test strip is the only UV dosage measurement device which can be passed completely through rollers, wrapped around cylindrical objects, or measure high EB dosages. Each test strip contains a UV/EB sensitive compound which is destroyed upon exposure to a UV light or EB energy source. After exposing the test strip, the density of the remaining compound can be measured by the Rad Check Dosimeter, which produces a numerical value reflecting energy received. This numerical value can be used to compare against jobs of similar characteristics for evaluating lamp degradation and system performance.


NOTE there are two (2) models available:

  • The "800 System" for high intensity
  • The "300 System" for low intensity.

Each system has its own tape reader and test strip type. The test strips are not interchangeable. If you have a Tapereader 202, order test strips M007-079. The Tapereader 404, uses test strips M007-082.

Test Strip Specifications:

Dose Levels:

  • Test Strip 300: UV: 0-300 mJ/cm²; EB: 0-35 Mrad
  • Test Strip 800: UV: 0-1400 mJ/cm²; EB: TBD

Range: 320-380nm

Shelf Life: Approximately 6 months

Packaging: 100 strips/pack

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Order 800 System - For High Intensity

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