This is the last visible step of a project execution process. It moves the project from the “end of construction” to the “commercial operation” status. This phase covers initial and primary dynamic tests, including guarantee performance tests.

Initiated right from the beginning of design phase, Commissioning & Start-Up activity aims to validate the construction integrity and confirms that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition for a complete customer satisfaction.

Execution in a planned and controlled manner

RADSYS executes the Commissioning and Start-Up services in a planned, controlled and quantified manner with the safety of his employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors as a primary objective.

Technology expertise

RADSYS proposes some additional services to his customers, such as operation training, maintenance and technology expertise.

Establishing milestones and identifying critical paths to accomplish the successful integration of commissioning activities have helped us become always better in our projects.

Competent and motivated team

RADSYS must gain a detailed understanding of your facility and start up requirements from an operations standpoint.

From here we will provide a competent and motivated support team with the skills and background necessary for your particular operation. This can range from one consultant to an entire team; from supervision and team leads, to intermediate through senior start up professionals. Our team will integrate seamlessly with your internal team to assist / oversee start up and commissioning. Our scope can begin and end as required to meet your needs and taking up the same objective and challenge.