Depending on your particular request and the specific constraints of your process, RADSYS InfraRed experts are capable to design for you taylor-made InfraRed solutions.

Among services that RADSYS could offer to you, you will find:

  • Possibility of running trials in our facilities or in your location
  • Supply of technical information
  • Training on InfraRed technology
  • Supervision of erection of the system
  • Start-up and commissioning of our taylor-made solution
  • Supply of electrical and gas InfraRed spare parts.

We can also deliver specific lab equipments for your own evaluations of InfraRed technologies

We are working in closed collaboration with a leading international specialist of hi-tech infrared lamp and incandescent lamp.

Our InfraRed curing ovens or dryers are branded “R6” and can be equipped with:

  • High speed medium wave InfraRed emitters
  • Standard short wave emitters (2400 K, 1.2 microns)
  • Near InfraRed emitters (2900 K, < 1.0 microns)

The life time of the emitters will depend on the wavelength selected but also on the constraints of your project.

RADSYS is always looking to deliver integrated solutions for its thermal curing product portfolio.

In that sense, collaboration with companies designing and manufacturing Air Pollution Abatement Systems such as Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers has also been initiated.

For more information about the InfraRed Technology, see the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ