Looking for UV curing process ?

UV Curing is a process where UV light is used to trigger a chemical reaction which converts a liquid into a solid. Main advantages of UV curing are : 

  • Faster cure speed (higher throughput)
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced Floor space
  • Immediate stackability of further processing
  • Improved coating properties (higher gloss, scratch resistance, ...)
  • Low or Zero VOCs

For end user UV curing solution process, we can integrate 3 types of UV lamp technologies : microwave, arc and LED

RADSYS does not manufacture UV lamps. Our UV partners will supply the adequate UV lamps according to the specifications we will have agreed together.

Our selection will be based on the following criteria :

UV Automative parts violet
Curing of automotive parts

For more information about the UV Curing solutions and their price, please contact us