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For InfraRed solutions, RADSYS is working with its sister company, C.S.I Chaudelec Systemes Industriels.
CSI gather over 20 years of experience in the InfraRed designing and manufacturing solutions, with proven recognition in Automotive, Food Industry and various other industrial application.
Combining RADSYS knowledge of the web processing especially in the metal industry and expertise and focus of CSI will bring to customers a unique partnership for long term relationships, high quality products at reasonable prices and excellent customer service.


in 2021, we have entered in cooperation with Skan Stein AG for the supply and distribution of EBLab 200 units and also for the supply of former Comet ebeam engines.
Belonging to the Skan AG, Skan Stein has a strong expertise in mechanical engineering and in special structures for radiation protection made of lead with a stainless steel casing in combination with electron beam sources (EBeam).


RADSYS is working with Fischer Solutions GmbH to provide you services for low energy electron beam equipment.


RADSYS is working with MSE located in Belgium to provide you up-to-date services to high energy electron beam equipment. MSE is a dynamic company composed of ebeam accelerator experts and customer service professionals. 
MSE is not an accelerator manufacturer but a service provider. MSE experts can support you from the early beginning of your project (specifications, placement, regulation issues,…), till the end (acceptance of the equipment, validation of process, dosimetry,…).

RADSYS has been working since 2007 as a distributor for the former BroadBeam® industrial electron beam processors portfolio manufactured by PCT Ebeam and Integration LLC. PCT is located in Davenport, Iowa, U.S.A. PCT’s manufactures electron beam systems from 80 keV to 300 keV. We are currently expanding our proposal to offer industrial electron beam solutions for larger scope of  applications.

UV Partners


RADSYS has join various organizations to promote the technologies as well as Academic and Scientific collaborations.