UV Filters & Glasses

Eye-protection: Orange Safety Googles


Protect your workers against hazardous UV with proper eye protection.  ORANGE UV FILTER GLASSES provide the best protection by blocking UV exposure up to 400 nm and blocking “blue light” between 400 and 510 nm. The harmful blue light can cause eye irritation and damage especially when taking photosensitizing medication.

Our Orange UV Filter Glasses are fully CE compliant and meet OSHA requirements and ANSI Z87.1.

Sold per package of 3 glasses . Please advise quantity required. 

Orange Safety Googles

  • Sold in package of 3 glasses. Delivery time : 5-10 days

UV Filter Glasses

  • Sold in package of 5 glasses. Delivery time : 5-10 days

Eye-protection: High Style UV Filter Glasses


These HIGH-STYLE UV FILTER GLASSES feature a new frameless design. This lightweight, wraparound style is scratch-resistant and offers 99% UV protection. Available in black temple with clear, orange, or yellow lenses. Also available in black temple with gray lens and slight gold mirror surface (not pictured above). 
Meets ANSI Z87.1.

Sold per package of 5 glasses.
Please advise type and quantity required.

UV Blocking: Rigid UV Filter sheets

RIGID UV FILTER SHEETS filter out 100% of UV light below 390  nm and 98% between 390nm and 400nm. They are made of tough acrylic,(Clear and Blue) or Polycarbonate (Bronze) which have a UV filter formulated into the plastic. Our filter sheets are ideal for protective booths or shields or for doors enclosing UV equipment. Clear Rigid UV Filter Sheets allow maximum transmission of visible light while bronze and blue Rigid UV Filter Sheets significantly reduce visible light transmission.
Available in 6.3 and 3.2 mm thick.
Sold only in 1.2 m x 1.2 m sheets. Please advise quantity required.


  • Shatter-resistant 
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to work with – can be sawed, drilled, and routed
  • Clear resists degradation caused by UV light
  • Highly resistant to many chemicals including ammonia and dilute acids
  • Suggested use include skylights, encasing Warehouse lighting fixtures, Machine enclosure, Access doors to curing zones.
  • Can be cut to any shape or design to fit into existing skylights:  We can fabricate the UV protecition solution for you

Rigid UV Filter sheets

Specify your needs !
  • Delivery time : 3-4 weeks

Acrylic PERSPEX Sheets

Specify your needs !
  • Delivery time : 3-4 weeks

UV Blocking: Acrylic VA & VE Grade PERSPEX sheets

Perspex® VE and VA are specialist grades of Perspex® cast acrylic with UV light absorbing qualities.

PERSPEX® VA is a transparent, clear cast acrylic sheet with integral UV protection and is suitable for specialist glazing applications and display cases  who wish to protect any exhibits from most damaging UV light. It offer a slightly lower level of UV protection than VE grade Perspex but has better optical characteristics and has no tint or hue. Perspex VA Grade sheet blocks 99% of UV light with wavelengths of 250–385nm.
VA Grade Perspex has 5 times the impact strength of glass for half the weight.
Available in 3mm and 5mm thickness. The surface finish is a gloss finish on both sides.

PERSPEX® VE is used where a larger percentage of UV light blocking is needed and is characterised by a slight yellow hue, derived from the UV inhibitor which acts to block out 99.99% of UV rays and is intended more for the protection of highly sensitive museum exhibits.
VE Grade Perspex has 5 times the impact strength of glass for half the weight.
Available in 3mm thickness. The surface finish is a gloss finish on both sides.