Do you need help in dosimetry services for your radiation process ?

RADSYS services the radiation processing industry in Europe and abroad in particular the industry that treats products using radiation.

For ebeam applications, we do dose measurements using Risø B3 radiochromic dosimeter film in the range of 10 – 80 kGy.
We do irradiation of dosimeters and samples to specified doses.
Irradiations are carried out at the customer site, at our site or any alternative site that we might determine as most suitable for the particular application

We use B3 RisøScan system for reading the B3 radiochromic film dosimeters. This system estimates dose from bitmap image files specially designed for high-resolution dose mapping.

Calibration of dosimeters we use for these services is made by Risø HDRL in Denmark. Calibrations are carried out in accordance with the recommendations given in the report CIRM 29 (Guidelines for the calibration of dosimeters for use in radiation processing).

Irradiation service

RADSYS has a testing centre for EB application where trials and tests can be carried out with your materials and according to your specifications.

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Dosimetry on 3D object
Dosimetry on 3D object
Risoscan system
Risoscan system