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For all projects that we deal with, RADSYS is evaluating if RadCure technologies can bring sufficient advantages in terms of capital investment costs, annual savings, and payback period or return on investment.

RadCure technologies are often combined together. It is very common to see InfraRed equipment just before the UV curing solutions.

But this is not the only possible combinations. UV may be used with EB for gloss level control – the process being called dual cure or reverse dual cure depending on the position of the UV unit (before or after EB equipment).

InfraRed is also foreseen to be combined with EB curing for particular reason.

RADSYS role is to determine the specifications, propose a design, follow the project during all the phases from technical feasibility to implementation and startup, and assist the customer in maintenance operations and potential further upgrades.

In order to supply full Taylor-made solutions for its customers, RADSYS has decided to either both design and manufacture the equipment or to distribute RadCure solutions of recognized suppliers for the most adequate technology.

RADSYS will be your unique contact for all Radiation Systems solutions !

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