EB Engines

ebeam Lamps : the heart of the ebeam renaissance

Compact, high longevity and zero maintenance.
Beam energy from 80 to 300 keV. Due to its small dimensions, ebeam Lamps can be integrated
into every production line. The robust sealed design means long life and no maintenance.

The design is scalable, allowing window lengths of 100 mm - 460 mm.

There are three energies available: 80, 200, 300 keV @ up to 4.5 kW.

The product can include beam monitoring.


  • Long service life - typically > 8,000 hours
  • High efficiency - thanks to optimized electron optics and window transparency
  • Stability - high stability of dose rate and voltage - low arcing rate
  • High precision - thanks to optional sensors for beam monitoring
  • Robust design - thanks to the proven COMET metal ceramic vacuum tube technology
  • Longevity even in harsh environments - thanks to its special anticorrosion coating
  • Maintenance free - no vacuum pump; no need to change foils, cathodes, or cables

Addressing a range of applications:

  • Surface sterilization: high speed , room temperature
  • Curing: VOC-free curing of inks, coatings, and adhesives on any substrate
  • Materials engineering: surface modification and crosslinking of polymer materials
  • Air treatment: air sterilization and pollution abatement.
EB lamps specifications

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