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A clear tomorrow for your Business !

Founded in 2008, RADSYS is a consulting firm specialized in sales, design, engineering, manufacturing and audit services focused on radiation technology. We are especially dedicated for coatings on metals, papers, plastics, films or textiles involving process such as drying, heating or curing.

We are active within the fields of InfraRed, UltraViolet radiation curing and Electron Beam applications.

RADSYS comprises a team of senior professionals with extensive experience in metal and web processing industries, paint formulations, radiation process and in-depth involvement in international project management around the world.



In the so called «radiation curing» process, in which different kinds of electromagnetic radiation are used - IR, UV, coherent/laser radiation, visible light radiation ELECTRON BEAM (EB) energy is more and more used in industry !


Depending on your particular request and the specific constraints of your process, RADSYS InfraRed experts are capable to design for you taylor-made InfraRed solutions.



Our UV experts can help you in running trials at your location, design a UV solution that meet your needs, supply to you technical information,...



Spare Parts

RADSYS provides spare parts, services and upgrade kits for Radiation Process equipment. In particular we service InfraRed and Electron Beam systems (both lab and industrial) and we also distribute various UV components.


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