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The DISKURE 365™ Radiometer is the most economical pass-through radiometer for measuring UV radiation levels in high intensity, high energy curing environments. It is a UV dose measuring instrument small enough (140 mm diameter x 13 mm height) for use in most UV curing ovens.

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It is ideal to ensure quality control of printing and drying processes. A sensor on one side is exposed to the UV source and the other side contains a digital LCD which displays direct energy readings in mJ/ cm². Big size, heavy duty pass-through Integrator with a diameter of 140 mm. It is reliable and simple to use.

The DISKURE 365™ is now available in six different measuring ranges: Diazo 350 – 460 nm UV-A 315 – 400 nm Full UV 250 – 410 nm UV-B 280 – 315 nm UV-C 230 – 280 nm UV-V 395 – 445 nm

The aluminum housing can withstand exposure to oven temperature as well as intense vibration and shock. This durability makes the DISKURE 365™ ideal for measuring UV light energy in harsher environments such as photosensitive resist exposure systems, processing equipment, print plate exposure systems and most UV curing ovens. Special filters and photodiodes absorb the visible as well as the IR portion of the light, so that measurements are made only on the required spectral region. After exposure, the radiometer’s LCD shows the total UV measured in mJ/cm² to which the unit was exposed.


• Spectral range: Varies (see above)
• Measuring range: 0 to 5,000 mW/cm²
• Display: 6-digit LCD
• Display range: 0 to 999,999 mJ/cm²
• Power source: long life 3.6 V
• Lithium Battery Power consumption: 100 µA
• Battery service life: 10,000 hrs
• Dimensions: 140 mm Height 13 mm
• Weight: approx. 500 grs.
• Temperature range: 0 to 45° C
• Heat protection: Heat shield on back plate
• Base Accuracy: ± 5 %
• Calibration:  Every 12 months based on average use


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm

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