Profilers Radiometers

Profiling Radiometers - measure UV energy, UV irradiance, and temperature



The UV POWER MAP™ & UV MAP PLUS™ are both advanced measurement systems that measure and store UV energy, UV irradiance, and temperature information derived from their optics and thermocouple probes in UV curing processes. The UV PowerMAP simultaneously measures all 4 UV spectral regions (UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and UV-V) while the UV MAP Plus only measures 1.

The information is transferred to a PC where it is presented in graph and data format for viewing and analysis. The information is characteristic of the same energy and irradiance that would be impinged on an actual work piece passing through the curing process. Variables such as reflector materials, reflector shapes, wavelength-specific reflector degradation and uniformity, and lamp focus can be documented.


  • UV PowerMAP measures peak power density and total energy density in 4 spectral regions: UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, UV-V
  • UV MAP Plus measures the peak power density and total energy density for any 1 spectral region
  • Collection and storage of up to 1 million data points
  • Collected data displayed in graphical and tabular forms in the PowerView™ software package
  • PowerView enables an ultra-fast, user-adjustable sampling rate - up to 2048 samples/second – that ensures high resolution even at high speeds
  • Detachable Optics Head - allows the use of different optics heads with the Data Collection Unit to minimize downtime during recalibration
  • Type J thermocouple records temperatures from 0-500°C
  • Low, narrow profile to allow access to most curing applications
  • Rugged aluminum chassis and stainless steel case
  • Unit Dimensions 3.50"W X 9.0"L X 0.5"D (8.89cm X 22.86cm X 1.27cm)
  • Weight 20.2 ounces (570 grams)

The UV PowerMAP and UV MAP Plus systems are composed of a data collection unit, detachable optic measurement head, and PowerView software package. The units measure UV energy in J/cm² and UV irradiance in W/cm².



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