Sustainable Success with EB and HP Indigo

This webinar will be held on June 15, 2021 at 6:00am US Pacific Time, 9:00am US Eastern Time, 1:00pm UTC, 2:00pm Western European Time, 3:00pm Central European Time. 

During this session you will learn about electron beam (EB) curing technology and how it is being successfully applied for finishing of HP Indigo printed materials. Presentations will be made by HP Indigo, a leading EB coating manufacturer, a well-established coating line producer and an experienced end user. Following the presentations, a question and answer session is planned with all speakers participating.

Speakers for this webinar are from:

HP Indigo
PCT Ebeam and Integration
Daybreak Technologies
Brook and Whittle


The event will be hosted by Kurt Fischer of Technical Conference Management. 
Questions can be submitted via the WebinarJam website once the webinar has been started.

To register to the webinar: 

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