UV Chamber

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This compact and low cost 365NM UV CURING CHAMBER features microprocessor technology and a unique photo-feedback system which measures and controls UV output and ensures maximum energy efficiency. The end result is the freedom to control accuracy on a repeatable, reliable basis.

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365 nm UV Curing Chamber

Measuring only 22 x 135 x 40 cm, the 5 lamp UV Curing Chamber 365 nm is smaller and therefore takes up less shelf space than any other on the market. It provides simple preset manual controls via a touch responsive keypad. The UV Curing Chamber 365nm is easy to maintain, as well. Factory calibrated, 230V/50Hz, CE Conformity.THIS LOW INTENSITY CURING CHAMBER IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CURING PIGMENTED INKS.
Height:   22.2 cm
Depth:    34.9 cm
Width:    40.0 cm
Height:   12.7 cm
Depth:    30.0 cm
Width:    25.4 cm

  • Microprocessor Controlled/ UV Sensor Feedback System
  • Multiple Set Functions:
    • Preset UV Energy Exposure
    • Preset UV Time Energy
    • You set UV Energy Exposure
    • You set UV Time Exposure
  • Maximum UV Energy Setting of 1000 mJ/cm²
  • Maximum UV Time Setting of 1000 minutes
  • Internal Safety Interlock

  • Large LED Readout
  • Tactile Membrane Switch Keypad
  • UV Blocking Viewing Window
  • Large Interior UV Exposure Chamber
  • Dual Safety Fused
  • Removable Power Cord
  • Laydown Type Door


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 45 × 35 cm