UV-C Intensity Labels

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UV INTENSITY LABELS™ photochromic intensity indicators are a basic, reliable, low cost, simple, in-house method of monitoring UV intensity. When exposed to UV, the yellow labels undergo a gradual color change from yellow to blue that is directly related to the energy value received.

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Made from the same exclusive material as the UV FastCheck Strips™, the UV-C Intensity Labels™ (N010-004) have the same color changing principle as the Strips, but they have only 1 color changing square. They offer an improved response to the UV-C spectrum, providing a better visual indication for lower power germicidal applications.

Please Note: The UV-C Intensity Label (N010-004) is not a narrow band UV-C product, it is broad band and therefore still reactive to UVA and UVB. It’s response to UVC energy is however significantly better than the original UV Intensity Label (N010-005).

The UV-C Intensity Labels have much greater color shift and are not subject to increasing color changes at elevated temperatures.

The adhesive backed label is placed on a sample product or substrate and processed to proper cure rate. The color deviation can easily be measured with a spectrophotometer to record color change or by comparing the colors to test labels created to known operating standards to determine lamp failure or processing inconsistency.
NOTE: For best results, observe color change immediately after exposure to UV light as label may change/fade over time.

Using an X-RITE™ RM200QC Spectrocolorimeter, you can monitor the color change results,

If used on a regular basis, these labels can detect equipment problems at an early enough stage to prevent lengthy shutdowns. Daily tests can easily indicate a step by step calibration for an accurate reference within each batch.

The  UV-C INTENSITY LABELS™ are especially useful in systems where other instruments are not practical, such as 3-D curing, web coating, container printing, medical sterilization, etc.


● Accurate visual determination of UV-C dose made possible
● Monitor UV-C dose in difficult-to-access curing environments
● Detect UV-C lamp degradation and equipment failures
● Provide the user with periodic assurance that their UV-C source is performing to expectations
● Greater rate of color change provides clearer, more precise UV-C dose determination
● Evaluate and compare multiple UV-C light sources


N010-004 UV-C Intensity Labels
UV-C Intensity Labels are available in packages of 550 labels (10 sheets of 55 labels per sheet.) UV-C Intensity Labels Dimensions: 12mm x 19mm.


● Shelf life is currently rated at 12 months minimum.
● Usage well beyond current rating is possible with proper storage.
● Store in the original packaging out of direct light and away from excessive heat or moisture.
● Store package flat, not vertical.
● Ideal storage location is within a cool and dry location like a drawer.


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